An animal’s eyes have the power to speak a great language.
~ Martin Buber

Small Animals

Committed to Comprehensive Pet Care

We view our primary responsibility as helping you keep your animals healthy. The veterinary care we provide is aimed at protecting your animals from disease, and early detection of potential problems makes all the difference. We recommend annual comprehensive veterinary health and dental examinations accompanied by appropriate immunizations for all of our small animal patients.

Our team of veterinary professionals offers services such as:

  • full internal medicine evaluations
  • in-house diagnostic testing
  • prophylactic dental cleanings
  • oral, soft tissue, ophthalmic, and orthopedic surgeries

Chaparral Veterinary Center is proud to offer an on–site laboratory where we perform blood chemistry panels and hematology panels, microscopic cytology, microscopic fecal examinations, and an array of other diagnostic testing. With the modern diagnostic technologies of on–site radiology, ultrasonography, endoscopy, and blood analysis equipment, we offer the added value of immediate results for your pet care needs.

In addition to world–class medicine, our doctors and staff provide you with the veterinary information and resources to make informed decisions about the life and health of your pet. It is this commitment to excellence that makes Chaparral Veterinary Center a leader in companion animal care.

boy with black labrador

White dog and Orange tabby